Sunday, February 3, 2008

Circus Ride

Tim and I woke up at 5 am yesterday to head up to Vail with a buddy of his from class and Alexis who I have spoke of before. We thought we might be beating the crowds however turns out since Vail got 9 inches and the other I-70 resorts got some snow as well that even at 6 am when we got on the rode traffic was already backed up to get there. Going down I-70 after the Eisenhower Tunnel was a complete freakin ice skating rink. If you touched the brakes you would start sliding all over the place. There was one 3 car accident and we watched a jeep almost completely lose it in front of us even though he was driving like a complete maniac and askin for it.

It was then onto Vail pass which wasn't quite as bad but still quite scary driving down. I was already thinking about how bad the drive back was going to be since the Jetta is so light on the front end and doesn't get the best of traction going up the passes.

We got up on the mountain and conditions were FANTASTIC. It took us quite a while to get back to the back bowls however once we got there it was on. Tim and I were searching out any cornice and rock drop we could find. We found several 10 foot drops and launched of of them onto the soft snow. We had a great day and headed down at about 3pm. The snow was starting to come down so we decided we had better start headin back to Boulder. On the way down the wind chill was brutal pretty much freezing our faces. We all had frodt building on our noses.

We hit the road just before 4pm and started headin up Vail pass. This is when the circus began. Traffic was backed up do to another accident and traffic was stop and go. I was trying to just keep a steady pace and distance to keep the momentum going so I didnt' have to completely stop and try to get going up the pass again. The traffic didn't allow it though. I had told everyone they might have to get out and start pushing at sometime to get us going again and it happened. Not once... not twice... but three times everyone had to get out and get the Jetta rolling again. After the third time I decided hell with all of this we are putting the cables on the tires. Tim and I nearly froze our hands putting the cables on and several people asked if we needed any help which was cool. We got the cables on and it was a 20 mph trek up Vail pass with SUVS and AWD vehicles flyin past us. We made it up stickin in the right lane with the flashers on feelin like a semi.

Anywho once we got over Vail pass it was smooth sailing. We got backed up a bit at Eisenhower Tunnel but the roads were better and it wasn't to bad. All I can say is I am glad I bought those cables or it would have been a long ride of pushing for everyone else.

On a final note it was a good day at Vail and we all enjoyed ourselves and made it home safely.

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