Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here we go

Well folks something interesting went down at work today. Turns out another member of our Finance and Accounting Team is leaving. My old boss Jason the Senior Accountant has decided to leave us. Turns out he has a great opportunity and I wish him well. It wasn't completely surprising and I actually kind of expected it sooner or later but it leaves us in a tough position. Patrick my current boss and I are going to have the full load of all Finance and Accounting responsibilities starting next week. We have been doing a lot to revamp the system fixing old problems and new ones that arise. Really this situation can be looked upon in two ways; 1. You can be like oh shit... looks like I am going to be stuck at work for some long hours... or 2. WOW here are some serious opportunities to really go through aspects of a business and really learn how things work and figure out ways to make them better. I personally choose the latter. I am excited to keep working closely with Patrick and get things back on track and maybe even better than before. We have some new good guidance in the CFO position as well and I look forward to really putting in some hard work and getting a wealth of knowledge from this experience.

So with all that said I will let those of you I haven't talked to in on a little of what went on last weekend. Our (Tim, Graham and I's) good friend Jessica Mosier came out to Denver last weekend for interviews for her Residency as a Psychiatrist. She got all of the business out of the way on Friday and really liked the Hospital and opportunities. I HOPE she decides to come out here though she does have a big decision since Bobby will still be in Philly finishing up school but will see what happens.

Anywho we went out Friday in D-Town with Jess and her friend Charissa who is a lawyer out here. We had an awesome time just sitting around drinking at a sweet Irish Pub called Scruffy Murphy's. Nothing crazy happened we just got really shit faced and had a killer time. Saturday we woke up and went out and worked the hang over off at Wash Park downtown playing frisbee since it was like 50 and Sunny. Then spent the rest of the night watching the X-Games at a Bar close to Graham's place. Sunday Tim and I took off up to Keystone and had a great day riding. But here comes the story of the weekend.

As Tim and I were on our way home we were driving up Loveland Pass right at A-Basin. There is a big curve going up the pass right at the resort where skiers cross over into the parking lot. I saw that there was a lead car for a wide load before we got to the corner so I knew something was coming. Then as we get to the corner the wide load was coming around as well. I am not going over 20-25 mph hour and as I come around the corner there is a dumbass skier standing literally on the side of the road with his skies on his shoulder sticking out into the road. The wide load is coming around the corner and I have to move over with no where to go cause of the freakin skier not even paying attention and as I do the wide load comes over the center line making the turn and scrapes all the way down the side of the Jetta and SMASHES MY DRIVERS SIDE MIRROR OFF! Tim and I are both stunned and pissed at the skier who was oblivious. We get to the next curve and pull off into a parking lot expecting the side of the Jetta to be literally destroyed. Turns out there was just a scratch all the way down the car just below the windows and off course the mirror was blown off. Anyway we were both glad we were ok and nothing more happened. I took it all pretty well though I am disappointed I have to put a little money into the Jetta for a new mirror since I want to get a Subaru sometime this year. But as I said we were just glad it wasn't any worse.

Well that's been the happenings of It's what he do lately. I'll keep you posted on the job situation and how it all plays out. Like I said I am looking forward to learning a lot and contributing more. Hope all is well with everyone and I miss you all.

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