Sunday, February 24, 2008

Have I lost my mind?

Well boys and girls Brandon has started contemplating a new challenge for this summer. For some crazy ass reason I want to ride the Breckenridge 100. What is that might you ask? Well last summer I did the Sunrise Century here in Boulder which is a 1 day 100 mile road bike ride with over 7,000 ft of elevation gain. So this year I want to convert over to the mountain bike. The Breckenridge 100 is a 1 day 100 mile mountain bike ride that consists of 3 loops out of Breckenridge which has dirt roads, pavement, and of course killer Colorado Singletrack and over 13,000 ft of elevation gain which surpasses 12,000ft in some areas and if I complete it all I will cross the Continental Divide 3 times. Not to much air to breathe up that high. Now whether or not I will be able to complete it all within the time allowed or if I can even complete it I don't know but I am sure as hell willing to try. The next step now is to see if I can even get registered which will open on March 1st supposedly and I will be checking regularly to try and get in before they cap the registration.

Other than that things have been kinda quiet around here. I didn't go up to the mountains this weekend because there wasn't to much new snow and it was nice around here and nice to stay in town and off of the I70 traffic disaster that happens every weekend. Plus I will be going to Winter Park hopefully 2 days this weekend for free since Wells Fargo is putting on an event and we do our banking at work with them so they give us 3 days of free passes and then I go to Vail and Steamboat the following weekend with Stef and Jenny who are coming out to visit.

I was able to get out on a good bike ride today for about 2.5 hours and it was pretty rough but I enjoyed every minute of the pain and suffering. I flew out to Lyons with a 30 mph tailwind which swirled around into a cross wind every once in a while. I had my bike pretty much on it's side a couple times trying to brace against the gusts. There were some pretty dark clouds over the mountains so I decided not to do much climbing up there today and instead head back towards Boulder and ride around there. This is where the hard part of the ride set in when that 30mph wind was smack in my freakin face! It was pretty much like climbing up the canyons with how much power I was having to put into the pedals. However it was a much needed work out and I felt pretty darn good for how hard I was working. I then completed the ride with a quick jaunt up to the NCAR Center which is a short but good climb on the south end of town before heading back to the apartment. As I was climbing I wondered what the hell I was thinking doing this at the end of my ride but then I thought about how much worse the pain and suffering is going to be if I get into the Breck 100 so I pounded it out and felt good when it was over.

Alright back to the office tomorrow for a wild week. I can't believe month end is approaching already. That's all from crazy town for now! Feel free to voice your opinions on how crazy I am for wanting to do the Breckenridge 100. I'll use them for motivation when I am hallucinating on some ridiculous climb and forget why I am out there! HA!

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