Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tim texted me at work on Monday that there were still tickets available to the Todd Snider show at the Boulder Theater which we both wanted to see. I asked him when the show was and he said Wednesday at 8pm. I said sweet lets do it. Todd Snider is a folk/country singer who tells funny stories along with his songs... most people know him from his song Beer Run. So Wednesday night comes around and we head down to the show at 7:30. We get in the box office to pick up our tickets and then look at all the upcoming shows they have on the wall. As we are looking at the wall Tim goes man its already the 13th and I said no it's the 6th. Turns out... the freakin show is on the 13th. WE WENT TO THE THEATER A WEEK EARLY! WHAT AN IDIOT! So anyway Tim felt pretty bad and also realized he has a calc exam next Wednesday which is probably from 7-9pm and he might miss part of the show. I guess Todd Snider has an opening act so hopefully he won't miss to much.

On another note the last day for our Senior Accountant was yesterday. Let the craziness begin. I have got some interesting work to figure out to get the month closed. I'm kinda excited about it and hopefully I do good work.

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