Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Alright sorry the post is a little later than I wanted but I kept forgetting to take the picture off my phone at work where the cord is.... tonight I realized that I am a moron and could have moved the picture two days ago because my phone has email... yeah well that happens HA. The picture was from when James (a guy from work who I go riding with on occasion most memorably our trip to Crested Butte last year) and I went up to Breckenridge on Sunday and had an awesome sunny day to ride. His wife Carly was supposed to go with us as well however she was feeling a bit under the weather that morning when she woke up.

I got up at 5:30 and made the usual fresh blueberry pancakes and a big mug of coffee. I had to be at Jameson's place in Arvada (about 25 minutes south of here) at 7am and I was right on time. James informed me Carly wasn't coming so I knew I would be able to push him a bit harder than if Carly was around which was awesome for me! When we got to Breck we were greeted to sunny skies and light wind.

We took some good warm up runs and then I coaxed James into heading up to the Imperial Lift which is the highest lift in the United States. It takes you up somewhere around 12,800 ft and with a short hike you can get above 13,000ft. Here is a pick from the top of Breckenridge looking southwest. James is sitting down in the middle recovering from the short hike up and trying to cope with the wind.

We climbed to the top a couple of times and I hucked the cornice on the top both times onto a super soft landing of good snow and made my way down to a couple of good rock drops as well. James had a blast up there as well and was totally up for the challenge which was awesome to see. We ended the day about 3 runs later leaving around 3pm. Traffic was backed up as normal on the way home but we stopped in Idaho Springs for some Pizza and a Beer at Beaujo's...mmm delicious.

After a road bike ride on Saturday and snowboarding on Sunday it was a good weekend.

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katie said...

Brandon! Hey! I decided to finally stop blog-stalking you and have linked you to my blog...let me know if that's not okay. It makes me jealous to read about all of your adventures...I hope to be back in the mountains soon enough!