Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Being sick...

SUCKS and gives me cabin fever. So first off I am really not that sick but I have taken the last day and half off work because I don't feel like sitting in my office coughing and I don't want to get anyone else in the office sick so therefore I have stayed home. It is good because it will lead to a faster recovery however I am going freakin insane being trapped in this house. I thought about doing some indoor cycling today but realized it probably wasn't a good idea because I would have coughed my lungs up once I finished riding. Therefore, I just humored myself with sleep, the internet, and reading magazines.

So last weekend I finally got up to the mountains snowboarding for the first time this year with Timmy. We went to Keystone and it was the first time I had been there. There was only one run open and you had to download the Gondola to get off the mountain but all in all it was a good time even though I was aching as the start of my sickness was setting in with a headache and aching body. Probably head up again at least one day this weekend. We'll have 3 choices between Keystone, Breck, and Arapahoe Basin. Who knows where we might end up.

Graham Knapp had been crashing on our couch for a few weeks hoping that a place his parents had put an offer on down in Denver would open up soon. However, that offer fell through when the house didn't pass inspection. He did end up finding a month to month studio down in Denver and moved out on Sunday just after he had gotten me sick! Me bitter? NOOOO! HAHA believe me I have given him a lot of shit about it.

Well alright nothing else really all that exciting. Hopefully we will get some good snow in the mountains here before long and I will have a lot more to write about with weekend warrior trips. But for now while it is still 55-65 out here in Boulder and it gets dark before 5... just a whole lot of boring from this guy!

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