Monday, November 26, 2007

Back on track!

Where to start. First off I forgot to write about this wacky scene we saw driving up to Keystone the weekend before Thanksgiving. So we are cruisin up I70 somewhere up past Georgetown and on the other side of the road we see a 4 Runner pulled over on the side of the road with a Ram Big Horn sheep literally EMBEDDED in the front end of it! Picture this... the sheep is looking away from the vehicle and its horns are holding it up like a hood ornament smashed into the radiator. It was probably the craziest thing I have every seen! I couldn't get over it.

Next, good news on the Big Daddy Bacon Cheeseburger I had lodged in my chest. It passed. Everything is back to normal though I am more careful when consuming a cheeseburger these days.

Onto Thanksgiving. I have talked to many of you already about how it all turned out. Graham, Tim, and I all pulled off a delicious meal and actually finished off all the left overs by Friday evening! I got on the indoor trainer for a while on Friday to work some of the food off and it felt fantastic. I hadn't been eating as much as I should the week prior to Thanksgiving. Not that I didn't want to I was just to lazy to go to the store and get food to cook. But I definitely caught up over Thanksgiving and I am making more of an effort to keep up with it again. I would say that was why I probably got sick in the first place a few weeks ago.

Tim and I spent Saturday and Sunday up at Breckenridge. Both days were sunny and beautiful though there is still a major lack of snow. We did still have fun and enjoyed the terrain there. Breckenridge seems to have a lot of rollers that Tim and I can charge and huck ourselves off of doing lots of spins. We survived the weekend on the ice injury free for the most part though we both did take a couple of spills we were able to laugh at each other about. Sorry Mom we would have had pictures on Sunday but Tim successfully forgot his pass and his camera which were in his jacket he forgot on Sunday which leads me to this.

Tim = not a morning person. It is sheer torture trying to get him to wake up for the drive up to the mountains. On top of that, his friend Alexis who goes and rides with us also is not a morning person or she is typically to hung over to get out of bed. So I get to play Dad trying to get these guys up there at a decent time. When the snow arrives in big quantities I will leave both their punkasses behind I guarantee you that! Anyway Sunday Alexis finally shows up and is gettin all pushy about Tim and I not being ready (which we were she was just being a smart ass) which therefore led to Tim forgetting his pass and camera which he didn't realize until we were an hour away from home. Luckily he was able to get a new pass up at the resort otherwise he would have had a long day of just walking around or trying to find some football on somewhere.

Today it was back to work as usual. It was definitely tough to get back into the groove but I did get quite a bit done at work and talked about setting some goals with my boss Patrick. It has still been pretty tough trying to get time where he can teach me more about the financial analyst position because he has so many deadlines with France and the budget but we will be making time soon enough. I really look forward to setting some goals with him that he pushes me towards. I know I can learn a lot from Patrick and he will be real good about working with me.

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I look forward to headin back to the midwest in less that 4 weeks to hang out with the fam!

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