Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok so before I get to what the title of this blog is all about I will start off my saying the Slipstream Chipotle cycling team launch at the Historic Boulder Theater was awesome! It was amazing to see so many great cyclists just laid back and having a good time enjoying themselves especially after the year cycling has gone through. We have some world renowned riders that are going to lead this team to greatness next year so definitely watch out. Below I have included a picture of the team of 24 riders for the 2008 season and hopefully an invitation to the Tour de France.

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Onto the title of this blog.... WTF... that is what I have been wondering since Saturday afternoon up at Keystone riding with Tim and Alexis. We got some really good runs in and I was feeling the best I have all year up there so far starting to get the snowboarding legs back. Before I know it I start getting spotty tunnel vision and I know a migraine is coming on. So I let Tim and Alexis know that it is probably going to be my last run and they seem to be alright with that and we go down to get some food have a drink and relax before the drive back to Boulder. However, I start losing feeling in my right and and it is all tingly and what not and when I talk it sounds like it is someone else's voice.

Everything kind of calms down for a bit but then on the drive home I finally get the splitting migraine and feel like I am going to get sick. I was supposed to go to downtown Denver with Tim to hang out with Graham but I told Tim there was no way this headache was going away anytime soon. So we drove back to Boulder, Tim went downtown, and I, well I went to bed at 6:30pm when we got home and proceeded to sleep waking up only once until 8am Sunday morning. When I woke up I still had a bit of a headache so I slammed some more Excedrine and chilled out for a couple of hours. The headache finally subsided but I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep if I didn't do something that day.

I decided to get on the road bike since it was a gorgeous 65 degree fall day and told myself I would take it easy, by easy I mean a long ride but not really push the lungs to hard. All in all I stuck to the plan other than once section I felt the need to fight the headwind by maintaining 19mph which drained me. However, I was a good hour from the house so turned it back down and just enjoyed myself out in the sunshine keeping a decent pace. Ended up being about a 2.5 hour ride at an avg of 18mph mostly because that headwind I fought was a tail and cross wind for most of the ride so that made it pretty casual.

Anywho back to the WTF aspect that continued after the migraine. So many of you are going to laugh at this and I kind of laugh about it myself but yet it was and is painful but has subsided over most of today. After the bike ride I took something back to REI and got some lunch at Good Times. I always get the Big Daddy Double Bacon Cheeseburger. Well when I got home I absolutely demolished it along with the fries. Along the way I think I forgot to chew a few bites and basically inhaled the burger. Later in the day I started to get a sore throat and chest. I didn't know what the hell was going on but I thought maybe I was starting to get bronchitis since I have been sick with a cold and what not. However, it didn't really hurt to swallow anything but it hurt when it felt like something needed to come up out of my chest to burp or whatever. This morning things felt a bit better but still more of the same but as the day has past it has continued to get better.... my thoughts.... I have had a Big Daddy freakin Bacon Cheeseburger lodged in my chest! I don't know for sure but I guess we will see how I feel in the morning! Anyway I thought some of you might find that humorous cause I sure do but I also wonder WTF is going on with me lately.

On a final note... I think I might give up the snowboard for a day here real soon and learn how to Telemark Ski with a buddy from work. I am looking for a new challenge on the mountain and tele skiing looks super appealing so I figure why not give it a whirl. Should be fun!

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Stephanie said...

definitely try the tele skiing! and you should probably go to the doctor little buddy and get yourself checked out! i'm sure you hate the doctor as much as i do, but better safe than sorry!