Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where is the snow...?

I am really beginning to wonder if we are going to get any snow this year. I started out this fall being very patient about snowboarding. However, now that I have gone up twice... once to A-Basin and once to Keystone I am starting to get very IMPATIENT because there is literally no snow up there besides what is man made. All I want is knee deep powder blowin up in my face so that I can't breathe but yet can't stop smiling so it forces me to choke on it! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK!?!?!?! I really don't mind that it has been some what warm down here on the Front Range but I want it to be frigid and moist up in the mountains so I can get back to my weekend warrior ways.

So this past weekend I went up snowboarding at A-Basin with my buddy Robert from work and we had a good time. But the lines were long and it took about an hour to do a complete run from top to bottom with the waits in line on the few runs they did have open. That is another frustrating part about there not being much snow up there. Everyone is out and there is limited space with not much snow. Then on Sunday it was about 65 degrees down here so I went and put in 30 miles on the mountain bike. It is both good and bad that I can keep riding but I am not in winter mode and would like to put more time on the snowboard than on the bikes.

Other than being depressed that it isn't snowing I am driving myself crazy around the apartment, since it is getting dark around 5 pm and is definitely dark by the time I get home from work. I feel like I am starving for knowledge but I can't get myself to sit down and read or concentrate on any one thing for to long. I need to focus and do it anyway because I know it will relieve anxiety but I just can't seem to do it. I tend to fall into these slumps every now and again and it drives me crazy but I know I will come out of it at some point.

Alright my thoughts are all jumbled and I am losing focus. Prime example of what I was talking about with not being able to focus on any one thing for to long. Hope things are going well for everyone else out there.

P.S. Reagan I loved the video of Camden and Brayden! Brayden was to cute coming up to the camera saying what color the balls were and Camden is precious as ever moving her hands around! I was going to post it on here but I can't download it on the MAC so maybe I will do it when I bring my work computer home.

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