Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Race Schedule is Set

So a little update on the happenings of recent. I pulled the trigger on a race after hearing about not getting into the Leadville 100. I will be doing the Gunnison Growler again Memorial Day weekend and my buddy Greg will for sure be doing it with me and his wife might do the half Growler. Our friend Jon will probably be doing the race with us as well. He will probably put us both to shame as he has been doing races for a few years and is a phenomenal rider.

Today I also finally committed to doing the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde May 9th. I want to do well in the race however I will be doing it more as a training race for the Gunnison Growler which will be two weeks later. The 12 hours of Mesa Verde will be down in Cortez, CO which is 40 minutes west of Durango and right outside of Mesa Verde National Park. I have wanted to visit that area for quite sometime and this is a great opportunity to do it. I have taken Friday off before the race so I can perhaps take a peak into the National Park as well as ride the course and see what it is all about the day before the race. The objective of the 12/24 hour races is to ride as many laps as you can on the usually 11-13 mile course in the time alloted. It should be a great time.

Until then I will be trying to get on the bike more and more. I also got my plane ticket for Lester and Ryan's wedding in Ft. Myers, FL at the end of April. I am having flash backs of Florida last year which was two weeks before the Breckenridge 100. HAHA!

Alright all for now. See the Fam in Chicago in a week for the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties!

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