Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fruita Bound

I must say the weekend can't come fast enough! OK OK I know I almost always say that but this weekend is the first bike trip of the year! I haven't had my mountain bike for two weeks and the weather has been beautiful and it is driving me crazy. I have been on the road bike the last 4 days for over 100 miles and Saturday and Sunday combined for 70 of those miles. My legs are considerably fatigued and it feels good to have some soreness in them cause that means I am coming back!

Just a reminder of what Fruita is all about!

Greg (the old man HA!) and I will be heading out to Fruita to enjoy 60-70 degree weather in the Bookcliffs on the western slope just east of the Utah border. Tim can't go because he is going on a spring break rafting trip though he really wants to since he finally got another mountain bike. Rob can't go because his Dad is coming into town and they are putting in final preparations for the Boston Marathon which Rob and his Dad will be running in April. Jon can't go because he has to work to pay the bills as he has taken much of this week off with a friend in town. I am not sure if any of Greg's other buddies are going to join us. I guess we'll find out tomorrow when a group of us meet up at Boulder Beer for some drinks after work.

When I was in the shop today finding out when I will be getting my bike back for like the 3rd time (yes I am persistent when it comes workin with the guys at the Trek Store) Joey made a call while I was there to Fox and they said I was covered under full warranty which means either they put all new internals in the shock or I am getting a whole NEW Shock! AND it will be there tomorrow! Either way it is like a new shock and I am stoked! While Joey was making the call I was talking tires with Matt for my up coming races in may. We talked over a few I might want to use and he ended up tossin me a barely used pretty much new tire to try out! $50 bucks saved! That's what I'm talkin about! So I am going to throw that on for this weekend and see how I like it. While I was paying for some other odds and ends I needed for this weekend like tubes (incase I blow my tubeless off the rim like last time I was in Fruita), quick links (in case a chain snaps) and some more Stan's Sealant (for running tubeless tires) Matt told me how the store was putting together a little store team for some races. They are keeping it pretty small just some of the mechanics and friends but he said he would see if I could be a part of it if I was interested. I said heck yeah if they don't mind havin a straggler on the team. He said it was pretty much for fun Joey would prolly have a tent sent up drinkin beer and fixin our bikes if we needed it. He said they have put together a pretty sweet cycling kit (jersey, shorts, socks) and he would see if he couldn't get me one. He said you just have to commit to like 5-6 races and I already have 3 planned on the calendar and 2 I am registered for! So hell why not right?!?!

After all I would love to ride around and represent those guys! It's the least I could do since they have always taken care of me with smiling faces! Although they don't really have a choice since I am pretty much in there what seems like at least once a week. If they are working on my bike I am pretty much there everyday seeing how things are going trying to pick up on this I can do myself. Although since I am a preferred customer my stuff always goes to the front of the line when it comes to maintenance along with about 25 other people... they know how to run a business!

Anywho three more days of work to get through and then it's out to the smooth packed single track of Fruita!

Western Slope Desert Splender!

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