Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes I have joined yet another electronic craze. I now have a twitter account which lets you know what I am doing at all times... well whenever I update it. You don't need an account to see what I am doing. Here is the link and you can go to it whenever you want. https://twitter.com/BrandonNewcomer Sorry no blog post. Nothing exciting to write about. Been a slow winter, not really much worthy to type about. Hopefully smaller updates on twitter will lead to bigger stories to write about.

Quick tid bits. Bobby and Jess are engaged! Jenny is coming to Steamboat this weekend and will head up there for a couple days of fun. Went down to Denver over the weekend and went to the Galactic, JJ Grey, and Mofro concert. Was a good time with Rob and Megan. Went for a muddy freakin ride with Rob today. Both decided we should not have been on one part of the trail. He has a single speed and had to hike some of it. I dug through the climb and my chain, gears and bike were literally coated with thick mud and my gears weren't working right. We nursed the bikes home squeaking the whole way.

Back to work in the morning. I should been sleeping. Good night.

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