Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two days to go...

and the suffering will begin. Saturday morning at 6am I will be starting the Breckenridge 100 with my Mom on looking. She flies in tomorrow and Friday we will head up to Breckenridge to go to the pre-race meeting and check into our Condo.

I took yesterday off and tonight I headed out on the same climb that I did when the seat post broke on the road bike on Monday except this time I was on the mountain bike. The climb was freakin hard as usual and the legs were screaming. But then I hit the down hill and ragged time trial style all the way down to Heil Ranch where I then climbed the rocky single track the best I have in quite a while. It was about 8pm so I turned it around and flew back down the singletrack to head home just before dark. I then once again ragged all the way back to the house and had another big dinner loading up on the calories.

Tomorrow night I will head out on a little ride to spin the legs out and then out to dinner with the Mom. Friday I might get a little ride in up in Breckenridge but tonight was the last night of hard work.

My head and my heart tell me I can do this whole race but altitude, 100 miles, and 14,000 ft of climbing could say otherwise. We'll see how it goes and hopefully get the results to all of you this weekend!

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Stephanie said...

good luck this weekend! i'm sure you'll win.

see you in 2 weeks!!!