Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry Ya'll

So I apologize for not having any posts lately. I have been kind of frustrated with things including not being able to get my biking legs back to where they were before vacation so I haven't been up to writing any posts. I mean I am doing alright for small periods of time but I can't seem to keep them for very long. I had a horrific but fun ride last Friday up in Nederland and actually ran into Tyler Hamilton. For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a professional cyclist who now rides for Rock Racing. He lives out here in the hills west of Boulder. Anywho most people know him because he was supposed to be the next Lance Armstrong. He won an Olympic Gold in Athens but was then served a 2 year suspension for blood doping. He has always denied it but who knows still pretty cool to run into him though. Anyway back to the ride. I rode for about 4.5 hours in all but it didn't seem like I was riding that hard or even could ride that hard. I ended up with a bad headache a little while after I got home and a sick stomach so I was in bed by 9pm. I still didn't feel that great on Saturday so I decided not to push my luck. Then Sunday I went for a ride up Left Hand Canyon on the mountain bike and ran into a co-worker and rode with her for a little bit before she turned off to head up a climb back into Boulder and I continued on to a road called Lickskillet which is a mile long steep ass dirt road that climbs about 800ft vertically up to Gold Hill. I grabbed some water in Gold Hill and was going to continue onto the Switzerland Trail but the clouds were rolling in and I didn't think I had the legs to rush it as I had just pretty much climbed for 20 miles.

Then Monday rolled around and I ended up being at work until 9pm and had rode the bus in so I didn't get home till about 10pm. I thought I gave up those auditing hours haha... Q2 reporting to our parent company kept us there late. Nothing seems to be going right with our close due to accounting software errors and our customer services folks are being worthless at getting us the fixes we need.

Today I was able to ride home from work with a wicked tail wind to aid me but I still throttled it the whole way. Tomorrow I am going to try and ride in if I can get my ass out of bed.

I plan to head out to Steamboat this weekend to get some good riding in out there. I might take Friday off to give myself one last hard weekend of riding before the big race a week from Saturday. I am getting nervous because I don't know how the legs are going to hold up at 12,000ft. Oh well I guess I can only push myself till I can't go anymore.

Here are some pics of the mountain bike ride in Nederland on Friday.

Deserted School Bus

Deserted Shack next to the School Bus

Fun hard packed single track through the Aspens

Last single track before headin onto the road out of the mountains and back down into Boulder

P.S. I have my apartment to myself till mid August when Tim gets back. That makes me happy!

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