Monday, July 14, 2008

The Boat

I had a great time in Steamboat this weekend and had a great host. Keith took off out of town to go to a Festival so I ended up staying with his old roommate and now a good friend of mine as well Rob's. Rob actually lives right next door now since he moved out and went off to a NOLS course for 3 months and then came back. Rob is super into biking much like myself and it was fun to ride and hang out with him even though we didn't get to ride to much since he had to work most of the weekend.

Friday I got up and went to breakfast at The Shack and chowed down on a stack of pancakes and drank a few cups of Jo to get me going. I went and did a couple of laps up on Emerald where the singletrack is fast, tight and windy. SO MUCH FUN! It is about an hour climb or so up the 6 miles to the top then about 20-25 minutes of fun freakin downhill. I did a couple laps up there and then decided it was hot as hell and I had lost enough fluids for the day. That night I met up with my old roommate Dave and he, Rob and I went out for a few drinks and Julianne met up with us later.

Saturday I once again went to The Shack for another delicious breakfast and some Jo and then I went and rode this little ridden trail that Rob pointed me in the direction of off the back of Emerald. I then waited for Rob to get off work and we went and rode the Spring Creek trail where not two weeks ago Rob's fork broke on his bike and set him flying into the woods ripping up his elbow and even worse cracked two ribs. He is on the mend and it didn't seem to bother him to much as we both ripped the downhill after the climb to the top. Spring Creek is an awesome trail where you ride deep in the ferns and cross the creek something like 10 times. That night Rob and I got some Salmon, rice, and veggies and made a terrific dinner. I had been talking with the Fam in Florida how I wanted to give Salmon another shot since it is loaded with all kinds of good nutrition and well it turned out to be AWESOME! Rob grilled it up right and we had a great dinner. We took it easy that night just hanging out on the deck at his place.

Sunday I finally got Julianne to ride with us on her kick ass bike the Santa Cruz Julianna. She and I met up and had breakfast at Creekside which was awesome. We sat outside right along the creek and hung out for a bit over breakfast. Then it was up Emerald again. Rob rode with us on his lunch break and we had a good lap up there. Julianne was hesitant to ride with us but she did awesome and I can't wait to get up there and ride with those two again.

Here's some photos of the weekend.

MGM through the Meadows over looking Steamboat

The Ridge Trail with the Flat Tops in the background

Looking back on some downhill (30 mph down it!!)

Julianne crossing the planks! So proud!

Today I went out for a ride as I wanted to get a few more days of decent climbing in before the big weekend. I took off up Lee Hill in north Boulder which is a short climb but pretty freakin steep. I ended up some what cracking turning over the big road bike gears compared to the mountain bike. But after a quick stop to shake the legs out and adjust the seat height the legs came back a bit. It's always hard to climb after sitting in the office all day and starting a climb so quick is always rough on the legs anyway. Usually takes me about 30 minutes of pain to get going. I could feel some fatigue in the legs as well from the weekend but that is good. I crossed the top and went down the backside of Lee Hill. Once at the bottom I had to make another seat adjustment because I moved it a bit to high and my freakin seat post clamp broke. That meant 10 miles home with out sitting down aka not fun! So I climbed back up Lee Hill standing the whole time which was a good work out on the legs. The only sketchy part is going 40 mph downhill on the road without a seat to control the back of your bike is not fun and pretty nerve wrecking. I made it back safely though and everything worked out.

P.S. Christian Vande Velde aka VdV from Chicago of Garmin Chipotle Pro Cycling based out of Boulder had an amazing day in the Tour de France. He climbed with the 10 best riders in the world today and solidified his #3 position in the overall on the hardest stage thus far! Hopefully he can hold strong over the next 9 stages or move up even more!

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