Monday, December 31, 2007


I haven't had a post in quite sometime but I guess that is the way it goes over the Holidays. So tonight I am kind of frustrated because I had somewhat planned on going up to Steamboat and they have been getting dumped on with snow! However, the weather has been extremely unfavorable with extreme winds and avalanche danger on I70. It was pretty much impossible to get to any of the ski resorts today with I70 closed and most of the mountain passes closed. So I went to work and got some stuff done with my boss. However, the roads are now reopen but I am hesitant to go up since it is getting late and who knows what the weather could do. These are the times I wish I had a better vehicle than the Jetta because I wouldn't question heading up.

That's the way it goes though I suppose. I will wait till morning and head up to one of the resorts to get in some New Years day shredding. Not much else has been going on other than work so I will leave you with that and get back when more action arrises.

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