Monday, December 10, 2007

Ah snow!

So we have finally been getting large amounts of snow in the mountains! Tim and I took a trip up to Steamboat this past weekend to hang with some friends that are still working up there and my buddy James from work was up there with Carly his wife as well.

I had my holiday lunch for work on Friday and it was already snowing down here so I was pretty excited about headin up for the weekend. Tim and I left Friday afternoon and got up to Steamboat around 8pm. We headed over to Keith's place downtown and had some beers with Keith and his roommate Rob who Tim and I had met when we all went out to Fruita to do some mountain biking. After that we headed out on the town and saw a really good funk band at the Tugboat. This is where the fun started.

Rob had this Cougar who was about 40-45 I would say come up and tell him that he was the hottest guy in the bar! She also mentioned to him that she was out on a date but evidently she was more interested in "Handsome" Rob! HAHA that was what he called him all weekend as the story continued to come up and make us laugh all weekend.

So after we shut the bar down Tim, Rob, and I were out waiting for the bus to come when we ended up getting in a snowball fight with 6 random people. It ended with Rob just dumping snow on this guy who had fell down and Tim and I just unloading snowballs on the rest of their crew. AHH good times in Steamboat.

The next morning when we were supposed to catch the first chair since Storm Peak was opening we didn't make it to the lifts until 10:30 after we waited in line for half an hour trying to get our tickets not to mention Gondola Joe's didn't have any of our favorite breakfast burritos. The morning didn't start well. So we fueled up on some Gnarly Charlie's pizza and headed up. Turns out Tim, Rob, and I made some good turns and met up with Dave (Tim and I's old roommate from when we worked there). Keith totally bailed on riding with us (evidently he was more hung over than the rest of us... naw he was just being a wuss) so we didn't get to have any fun with him but we tore up all the fresh pow we could and tried to fight through our hangovers. Four and half hours later we made the most of the day and were completely worn out.

That night we had a few beers at Keith's place again and I headed out to meet up with James and Carly. Everyone then met up with us at the Rio where we went on our terror again. Julianne and Jolie showed up as well. Jolie just stayed for a bit then took off however the rest of us went out to Old Town Pub and continued the debauchery till they closed.

Sunday Tim and I were going to get up and ride at Breck but that didn't turn out so well as when we woke up we were once again hung over and extremely sore from all the whippers we had taken the day before charging the mountain. I wasn't happy about wasting the day but I'm over it. There is always next weekend.

It was back to work today and I accomplished a lot so I was happy with that. I might head up to the mountains with my boss this weekend since Tim has a final on Saturday. Even if I don't go with my boss I might go with James or Robert. But I'll be up there no matter. A lot of the resorts have opened a ton of terrain so I gotta go check it out.

On that note I am anxiously awaiting my trip back to the flatlands to hang out with the Fam. See you all soon!

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