Friday, August 1, 2008

First Show at Red Rocks...

So I apologize I have been extremely lazy lately. Actually in almost all aspects of everything except for work I have been doing pretty well.

So I haven't been riding to much lately kind of using the weather as an excuse which is ridiculous. But yesterday I did go out and kill it and it killed me. Ended up with a headache for a few hours. I didn't think the heat was taking a toll on me because I felt fine on the bike but turns out it did. Anywho the ride was good even though I suffered afterwards.

So Keith and Rob are in town this weekend. They are currently at the Yonder Mountain Stringband show at the Boulder Theater. I didn't want to pay for tonight and tomorrow night so I am just holding out to meet up with them later tonight. But tomorrow will be a killer show at Red Rocks for Yonder. This area is their stompin grounds and they are killer bluegrass band so it should be a good time. I can't wait.

Tomorrow morning we are going to get up and do a ride in Nederland and then were are going to head down to Red Rocks for the show. I won't be gettin crazy since Steph is flying in from Montana on her way home for the night catching a flight Sunday morning. So I will be back in Boulder to hang out with her for a bit. Leia Watkins was supposed to come to the show tomorrow but due to some unforeseen circumstances she will not be which makes me sad but we will hang out sometime soon.

Alright just a quick update. Hopefully some more posts more frequently if I get my act together and it freakin cools down out here!

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