Friday, August 15, 2008

Fingers crossed for next year...

This would be the ultimate! This is a picture of the handcrafted gold and silver Leadville 100 mountain belt buckle you get if you finish the race in under 9 hours. I have not idea if I could do that but I know I could get it in under 12 hours which would mean that I would get a all silver handcrafted belt buckle.

Only problem is that the race participants are selected on a lottery basis. That means you have to turn in your registration/fees by January 31, 2009 for the August 2009 race and just cross your fingers that your name is drawn. There are over a thousand participants each year for this race and normally quite a few big names that ride it. Last year was Floyd Landis and this year it was Lance Armstrong. From what I have heard that race is hard but the Breck 100 is harder. I would like to do both next year. I am also considering the Lumberjack 100 which is back in up state Michigan which would be completely different riding than out here and I think it would be super exciting. We'll see what happens. I know Curtis one of my roommates in college has been getting into riding as well and we might get together to do one of these races which would be AWESOME!

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Lincoln said...

It's nice but I can't imagine you wearing a belt buckle. But I'm assuming it's more of a trophy than anything.