Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rippin w/ the Rowell's PART 1

This weekend was FANTASTIC!!! I spent the weekend "Rippin w/ the Rowell's!" Below AJ, Heather, and myself Saturday morning under Colorado Blue Skies!

Go Pro HD Blue Sky Breck

The good times started when I picked up AJ's Parents from the airport Wednesday night after work and we made our way up to Breckenridge. They were supposed to fly in the night before with AJ & Heather however Jim (AJ's Dad) had a kidney stone episode and was not able to make it onto the plane as planned. Horrible timing. However, his symptoms soon passed and Jim & Rena were able to catch a flight the next morning and catch a ride up with me. We had some good conversation and clear roads getting up to Breck around 9-9:30 and then went out for a Mexican dinner.

After dinner we stayed up chatting back at the condo waiting for Jennifer (our hostess) and her family to arrive from Houston. The bunch showed up around 11-11:30. At that time we met Sam, Jennifer's husband a Louisiana fellow who was in the Navy, Jacklyn, their 9 year old daughter and actress extraordinaire, Nathan their 8 year old question asking extraordinaire, and Abraham, their 4 year old who is much wiser than his size!

Everyone was pretty whipped so we headed to bed and woke up to gray skies however it was snowing which was great to see since there has not been much snow out this way on I70 until the last 2 weeks! Mother nature seemed to know everyone was showing up and looking for some good snow to rip! Jim, AJ, Heather, and I all headed out to the slopes and rode away the morning listening to the bombs go off on the higher slopes above the tree line. With the snow falling and the bombs going off we never made it over to the higher slopes as they kept most of it closed which was fine by me because that meant it would all be prime real estate for Friday morning or afternoon.

We all were pretty hungry from the breakfast of champions that we had which was either PB & J's or PB & Nutella, so we headed in for lunch a bit prior to noon. Rena hadn't quite made it back from the store yet so we sat in the hall way with no key and stuffed our faces with a Pro Bar that I had and Peanut M&M's that Heather had in her pocket. Rena was back shortly after that to find us waiting in the hall and we refueled on sandwiches and chips. Rena looked out for getting us fed the whole weekend which was awesome! Kudos and thanks to her!

After lunch we headed back out to the slopes to more new snow and made some good runs. AJ, Heather, & Jim had plans later in the afternoon to teach Jacklyn, Nathan, and Abraham to ski as they had never been! We didn't really see the point of them getting lift tickets until they at least tried it once so after we were done on the big slopes in the afternoon we headed down to the teaching area which was unoccupied and pushed the little ones up and down the hill teaching them the basics.

The kids did absolutely amazing!! It was awesome to see their excitement and how quick they picked it up. They were excited to hit the bigger slopes the next day! I'll have some video posted of the youngin's learning once I stitch it all together!

Once we were done working with the kids it was time for dinner. We had veggie lasagna lined up for dinner along with SNOW CREAM! I am assuming most who read this don't know what snow cream is! I sure didn't! But I am glad I do now!

And I'll continue with that in the next post! Lost my horrible writing mojo at the moment!


Night fall from Sandy's Condo (Jennifer's Mom) She was kind enough to feed us all on Friday night. More to come.

Breckenridge at Night Fall

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