Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings from Boulder

Yesterday was a good day... today was a good day... and tomorrow looks to be another good day.

Yesterday I couldn't help myself and had to take one extra day off work for this long Christmas weekend. You see the mountains had got dumped on Monday night and when I checked the snow report at work I was extremely frustrated I was sitting in an office. Therefore I figured I could still catch some of the good snow the next day and indeed I did. I headed up to Breckenridge and got up into the high cirque on some of the steep stuff where the snow was untouched in some spots mostly because the crazy wind had blown it all over. Anyway it was all good and I only took one double whipper rag doll style as some of the wind blown snow got a bit of a crust on it and grabbed the front of my board... game over. It was a soft landing though and I was right back at it.

Today Christmas day I woke up watched a movie and exchanged texts with good friends wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Then it was off for an afternoon mountain bike ride. I was greeted by high winds heading out to the trail which had me leaning the bike into the wind at pretty much a 45 degree angle. I was feeling worked before I got to the trail but I knew it would be a tail wind heading back home so it was all good. The ride turned out to be muddy which is always fun! Then I cooked a good dinner (thanks for the Amish noodles Mom they were DELICIOUS! and the jerky is already about half gone).

Muddy Shoes


Changing lenses in anticipation of a cloudy day with new snow fingers crossed! with the most delicious beer Alaskan Amber

So tomorrow I head up to Vail to meet Jaimie Niblock aka Jamie Rowe a long time family friend. Her and her husband are down here from Spokane for the Holiday and it should be good fun. Jamie went to CU and her husband graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I haven't seen Jaime in a long time and it should be good times!

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